Great Day

Today was one of those magical days that don’t really ever happen, so I feel the need to document it. I woke up and my hair actually did what it was supposed to do. My clothes seemed to fit perfectly, and I immediately felt confident. I went in to work with so much optimism! I checked my Twitter this morning and saw that Andrew W.K. started following me. It’s weird, but being Twitter followed by a cool celebrity feels awesome. I have a fun weekend coming up, and I just generally feel really good and optimistic. It’s a great day.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of friends. About quality vs. quantity and the different kinds of friendships.

I have a small group of tight friends- friends who get me, friends who make me laugh until I cry, friends who will call me on my shit, but support me wholeheartedly. Friends who understand that when I want to be alone, it’s not personal. Friends who will go to concerts with me even though they don’t want to, and not laugh at me when I sing and dance my heart out. Friends who sometimes know me better than I know myself. I’ve been struck recently by how much I care about these people, and how much better and fuller my life is because of them. They are a vital part of who I am.

Of course I have other types of friends too: work friends who get me through long, hard days; old friends I have to use social media to keep up with; high school friends that I can go months without speaking to but a text message or a random visit proves those friendships are still strong; and friends I don’t see too often but we make the most of our limited time together.

Growing up, I always wished that I had been born in a place and then stayed there, that I could have friendships that literally lasted a lifetime. But I’ve learned that you don’t have to grow up together, spending years and years of your lives together, to have that type of life-long friendship. You can find those friends later in life, and you can build those lasting friendships. And sometimes you’re lucky enough to be born into the same family and spend years and years together by default, and you wake up one morning and realize one of your best friends has been there all along.